Reading 2019

* Karl Ove Knausgaard, Spring

Argentina: What Went Wrong, Colin MacLachlan

On Black Sisters Street, Chika Unigwe

Buenos Aires Biography of a City, James Gardner

Bad Times in Buenos Aires, Miranda France

The Bat, Jo Nesbo

Buenos Aires a Cultural History, Jason Wilson

Cockroaches, Jo Nesbo

* Sacred Hunger, Barry Unsworth

Guru-Guay—Guide to Montevideo

Previous Lives, Donald Levering

My Father’s Ghost is Climbing in the Rain, Patricio Pron (Argentina)

The Memory Stones, Caroline Brothers

Tinissima, Elena Poniatowska (bio Tina Modotti)

Art in the Age of the Internet 1989 to today ed. Eve Respini

The Sociology Book: Big Ideas … DK

Tesla a Portrait with Masks, (novel) Vladimir Pistalo

Some stuff on Kindle

The Temptation of Forgiveness, Donna Leon

Ballad of a Small Player, Lawrence Osborne

Baba Dunya’s Last Love, Alina Bronsky

A Therapist’s View of Personal Goals, Carl R. Rogers

Books on Spain and Madrid

A Traveller’s History of Spain, Juan La Laguna

Underland: A Deep Time Journey, Robert MacFarlane

* The Overstory, Richard Powers

* The Ornament of the World (How Muslims, Jews and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain) Maria

Rosa Menocal

Orfeo, Richards Powers

Man’s Search for Meaning, Vikto Frankl (rr)

The Edge of the World (North Sea/history) Michael Pye

Book of Intimate Grammar, David Grossman

The Arabists, Robert Kaplan

What Mad Pursuit, Francis Crick

The Interrogator: an Education, Glenn Carle (CIA)

The Patagonian Hare, Claude Lanzmann

The Philosopher’s Pupil, Iris Murdoch

An Apartment in Athens, Glenway Westcott

Clowns’ Houses, Edith Sitwell

What’s Left of the Night, Ersi Sotiropoulus (about Cavafy)

Pascali’s Island, Barry Unsworth

Virga & Bone—Essays from Dry Places, Craig Childs

Thieves of State: How Corruption Threatens Global Security, Sarah Chayes

Atlas of Poetic Botany, Francis Halle

Biography of Silence, Pablo Ors

A Place Where the Sea Remembers, Sandra Benitez

A Grief Observed, C. S. Lewis

Ken Wilber, One Taste

A Hero of France, Alan Furst

Stygo, Laura Hendrie

Capitale e disugualianza, Thomas Piketty