Reading 2011

January February March

Black Lamb & Gray Falcon, Rebecca West*

Presumption of Death “Dorothy Sayers”

Greenwitch, Susan Cooper

Under Flag, Myung Mi Kim

Be Love Now, Ram Dass

Winter Queen, Boris Akunin

Jack London—a Biography, Daniel Dyer

The Cannibal Galaxy, Cynthia Ozick

Memoirs of the Life of Monsieur Voltaire

Heart of the Country, Fay Weldon

Soul, Andrei Platonov*

Iron-Blue Vault, Selected Poems of Attila Jozsef (Hungarian poet, trans. Suzsanna Ozsvath & Frederick Turner

Lady Sings the Blues (Billy Holiday)

Cursed from Birth, W. S. Burroughs Jr.

Pleasures and Landscapes, Sybille Bedford

Ecuador, Henri Michaux

Distance without Distance, Barbara Einzig

The Japanese Alphabet, Gabriele Mandel

April May June

Mafeking Road (S. Africa)

Girl in Hyacinth Blue, Susan Vreeland

Honey from the Rock 10 Gates of Jewish Mysticism, Lawrence Kushner

The Interpreter, Suki Kim

The Vertical Interrogation of Stramgers, Bhanu Kapil Rider

Sharon & My Mother-in-Law: Ramallah Diaries, Suad Amiry

Murder Room, P.D. James

Two Lives, William Trevor

My Fantoms, Theophile Gautier (trans. Richard Holmes)

Raymond & Hannah, Stephen Marche

The Rebels, Sandor Marai

Women without Men, Shahrnoosh Parsipur

Water Beetle, Essays, Nancy Mitford

Picasso, Master of the New Idea; Paule Bouchet & Marie-Laure Bernadec

Travels in the Scriptorium, Paul Auster

Russian Icons from the 12th to the 15th century, Victor Lasareff

Teilhard (biog of Pierre T. du Chardin) Mary & Ellen Lukas

July August September

Women Art & Society, Whitney Chadwick

Technics & Civilization, Lewis Mumford**

The Foreigner, Nahid Rachlin

Alienation—Marx’s Conception of Man in Capitalist Society

Bertell Ollman, Cambridge UP 1971

Kafka in Bronteland Tamar Yellin

Unknown Land, Elena Rivera

Woman Warrior, Maxine Hong Kingston

By Night Under the Stone Bridge, Leo Perutz*

Critique/1986 issue (Conspiracy & Metaphysics)

Arresting God in Kathmandu, Samrat Uphadyay

X&1 anthology Burning Books: Bob Ashley Sumner Carnahan, Thomas Frick, and x

The Land, Antonia Torres (Brazil, fiction, 1970s)

In Small Things Forgotten: the Archeology of Early American life, James Deetz
The Messiah of Stockholm, Cynthia Ozick

The Hindu Temple, R. Champakalakshmi, Usha Kris

Fear & Trembling, Amelia Nothomb (Belgian; Japan)

The Death of Woman Wang, Jonathan D. Spence

Dream Life & Real Life, Olive Schreiner* (S. Africa)

Looking Around (Essays on Architecture) Witold Bryczynski

Le Calvaire, Octave Mirbeau

The Tax Inspector, Peter Carey

A Perilous Advantage-Writings of Natalie Clifford Barney, trans. Anna Livia 1992

October November December

The Vatican Caves, Andre Gide

The Sunflower, Gyula Krudy

The Fifth Child, Doris Lessing

Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, America’s Secret Government and the Hidden History of the Past Fifty Years, Russ Baker

Cesare Pavese, poems 1930-1950

Black BoxCutaway, Susan Gevirtz

Forty Words for Sorrow, Giles Blount

Look at My Ugly Face, Susan Halprin

Fred Phelps transcripts, online

The Post-Office Girl, Stefan Zweig*

A Whisper to the Living, Stuart Kaminsky

The Power of Scale A Global History Approach, John H. Bodley

Five Women Who Loved Love, Ihara Saikaku

Insight & Responsibility, Erik H. Erikson

1933 Was a Bad Year, John Fante