Reading 2009

January February March

Woman of Rome:Elsa Morante, Lily Tuck (biography)

Blue Monday: stories of Absurd Realities & Natural Philosophies, Robert Sumrell and Kazys Varnelis (architectural theory)

Before the Frost, Henning Mankell (Norway)

The Price of Silence, Camilla Trinchieri

On Suicide, Emile Durkheim

The Successor, Ismail Kadare (Albania)

Paris Underground, Tamara Hovey

Six Names of Beauty, Crispin Sartwell

Wolves of the Crescent Moon, Yousef al-Mohaimeed (N Africa)

Public Intimacy: Architecture & the Visual Arts, Giuliana Bruno

The House of Paper, Carlos Maria Dominguez (Uruguay)

Atlas of Bible History, Harper-Collins

The Material of Poetry: Sketches for a Philosophical Poetics, Gerald L. Bruns.

Leviticus as Literature, Mary Douglas *

The Celebration, Ivan Angelo (Brazil)

The Jerusalem File, Joel Stone

Xinru, Edith Wharton

Waiting for the Barbarians, J.M. Coetzee (South Africa)

Haves & Have-Nots: Power & Privilege in the Workplace, Harvey Hornstein

A Week in October, Elizabeth Subercaseaux (Chile)

Homecoming, Bernhard Schlink (Germany)

Triste Tropiques, Claude Levi-Strauss ***

Writing in the Dark, David Grossman (Israel)

Stories of an Imaginary Childhood, Melvin Jules Bukiet (E. Europe) *

House of Pride, Jack London

Market Rebels, Hayagreeva Rao

Falling Behind: How Rising Inequality Harms the Middle Class, Rbt H. Frank

Shame in the Blood, Tetsuo Miura (Japan)

The Stag Hunt and the Evolution of Social Structure, Brian Skyrms

William Burroughs & the Secret of Fascination, Oliver Harris

The Logic of Failure, Dietrich Dorner *

Out Front: a Guide for Information Leaders, Stephen Abram

No God in Sight, Altaf Tyrewala *

Shebeen Tales - Messages from Harare, Cherijeran Hove

Raising Less Corn and More Hell, George Pyle (agricultural policy)

Housekeeper & the Professor, Yoko Ogawa (Japan) *

Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Laurie King

Budapest, Chico Buarte

The Secret, Philippe Grimbert (France)

3 Lectures on Post-Industrial Society, Daniel Cohen (global economics) *

Thinking Past Terror – Islamism & Critical Theory on the Left, Susan Buck-Morss*

How War Began, Keith Otterbein *

Facing the Bridge, Yoko Tawada (Japan, Europe)

Are Italians White?

Trio, Aram Saroyan

Flotsametrics and the Floating World, Curtis Ebbesmeyer & Eric Scigliano *

Years of Talking Dangerously, Geoff Nunnberg

Dr. Futurity, Philip K Dick

April May June

Other the Shore, Paul Yoon (stories, post WWII Korea)

The Natural Economist, Robert Frank

Self-Theories, Carol Dweck (psychology)

Vermeer’s Milkmaid, Manuel Rivas

Dialogues with Boulez, Rocco di Pietro

The Dispossessed, Laura Restrepo (Colombia)

Elegance of the Hedgehog, Muriel Barbery (France) *

The Secret House, David Bodanis

Fifty Major Cities of the Bible, John Laughlin

Thinking in Systems, Donella Meadows ***

Envy, Yuri Olesha (Russ.)

Where Europe Begins, Yoko Towada

Islam & the West:  a Conversation with Jacques Derrrida, Mustapha Cherif

Book of Clouds, Chloe Aridjis (Germany)

Brands, Marcel Danesi

Jarmila, Eric Weiss (Austria)

The Captain’s Daughter, Pushkin

Fire in the Blood, Irene Nemirovsky

Social Outsiders in Nazi Germany, eds. Rbt Gellately & Nathan Stoltzfas

Punishing the Poor – the Neoliberal Government of Insecurity, Loic Wacquant

Nostalgia, Mircea Cartarescu (Romania) *

Identity & Violence, Amartya Sen *

How We Eat: Appetite, Culture & the Psychology of Food, Leon Rappoport

Shaping Things, Bruce Sterling

Season of Migration to the North, Tayeb Salih (Sudan)

The Father & the Foreigner, Giancarlo de Cataldo (Italy)

An Artist of the Floating World, Kazuo Ishiguro (Japan)

The Committee, Somallah Ibrahim (Egypt) *

Chronicles of My Life, Donald Keene (U.S, Japan autobiography) *

Dust, Arkadii Dragomoshchenko (Russ. poetic essays)

The Waiting List, Daisy Amir (Iraq/Lebanon)

July August September

Kinsha (Autumn Brocade) Teru Miyamoto (Japan)

House of Mist, Maria Luisa Bombal (Chile)

What Color is the Sacred? Michael Taussig (anthropology)

A Tale of Two Cats, Roberto Ransom (Spain/Italy)

Mind’s Eye, Hakan Nesser (Sweden)

A Perfect Peace, Amos Oz (Israel)

Cries in the Drizzle Yu Hua (China) *

Desert Divers Sven Lindquist (Morocco/Libya, Swedish writer)

Voices of Time Eduardo Galeano (Latin America, global) *

The Lord of Death, Eliot Pattison (Tibet/China, U.S writer) *

Palatinis Diary, Gabriel Liiceanu (Romania, philosopy) * Unique

Goodbye Tsugumi, Banana Yoshimoto (Japan)

Elegy for Kosovo, Ismael Kadare (Albania)

Return of the Dancing Master, Henning Mankell (Sweden)

Poor Man’s Son, Moloud Feraoun (Algeria) **

Red Power in the Rio Grande (southwest)

Nike, Nick Flokos (fiction, Greece)

Oaxaca Journal, Oliver Sacks (Mexico)

Tears of the Giraffe, Alex. McCall Smith (Botswana)

A Cat in the Ghetto, Rachmil Bryks (Poland)

Beethoven was 1/16th Black, Nadine Gordimer

The Beautiful and the Dangerous: Encounters with the Zuni Indians, Barbara Tedlock *

A World Growing Old, Jeremy Seabrook

Crowns, Dominations, Dorothy L Sayers

Contingency, Irony & Solidarity, Richard Rorty *

October November December

In a German Pension, Katherine Mansfield

Burro Alley, Edwin Corle *

Chronicler of the Wind, Henning Mankell (Mozambique) **

God Against the Gods Jonathan Kirsch

The Curtain, Milan Kundera

Tinissima, Elena Poniatowska(Modotti biography)

Lonely Woman, Takako Takahashi

The Swimming-Pool Library, Alan Hollinghurst (Brit)

White Guard Mikhail Bulgakov (Russia) *

Written Lives, Javier Marias

The Commoner  John Burnham Schwartz (Japan) *

Amulet, Roberto Bolano

My Life with Pablo Neruda, Matilde Urrutia

The Portrait, Iain Pears

The Guest, Hwang Sok-Yung (Korea)

Van Gogh’s Women, Derek Fell

52, by “Wu Ming” (Italian collective)

Through the Burning Steppe, Elena Khozino *

The Bride from Odessa, Edgardo Cozarinsky (E.Europe/S. America) *

The Purpose of Remembering, Reshad Feild

Mary, Vladimir Nabokov (1925; English transl. 1970.) *

At Home in the Universe, Stuart Kaufmann (emergence theory) *

Hystories: Hysterical Epidemics and  Modern Media, Elaine Showalter

Three Ways to Mecca, Edwin Corle

Essence, A.H. Almaas ***
The Pity of it All A Portrait of the German-Jewish Epoch: 1743-1933, Amos Elon *

Trauma – catalog of British show of international artists

#1 Ladies Detective Agency, Alexander McCall Smith

Being and Vibration, Joseph Rael & Mary Eliz. Marlow (Native American philosophy)

The Cradle Project: art catalog, benefit for Africa

The Old Capital Chu T’sien-Hsin (Taiwan)

West of the Thirties: Discoveries Among the Navajo and Hopi, Edward T. Hall ***

Morality for Beautiful Girls, A. McCall Smith (Botswana)

We Are All Related, Mitakuye Oyasin Ehanami (Native American philosophy)

The Telling Distance, Bruce Berger (desert Southwest)

A Perfumed Scorpion, Idries Shah (on sufism) **

Animal Spirits: Psychology/economy/capitalism, Robert Shiller & George Akeroff

D.H. Lawrence in New Mexico: The Time is Different There,  Arthur Bachrach

The Pattern of the Past, Arnold Toynbee, Pieter Geyl, Pitirim Sorokin

Notes of a Desolate Man, Chu T’ien Wen (Taiwan)

An American in Yemen, Peggy Crawford

AfterZen, Janwillem van de Wetering

Jaime in Taos, Gui De Angula

Some Prefer Nettles, Junichiro Tanizaki (Japan)

Voice of the Violin, Andrea Camilleri (Italy)

Perfect Harmony, Hassan Massoudy (Sufi Poetry of Ibn Arabi, calligraphy)

Talks with a Devil, P.D. Ouspensky early fiction

Nano: Technology of Mind Over Matter, Kabbalist Rav Berg *

A Grave in Gaza, Matt Beynon Rees (Palestine)

poetry; Configurations, Octavio Paz (rr)

Pushing Time Away: My Grandfather & the Tragedy of Jewish Vienna, Peter Singer *

Embers in the House of Night, Edvard Kocbek (Slovenia/trans Sonja Kravanja)

The Gypsies, Angus Fraser (origins/history of European “gypsies”)