Reading 2007

January February March

The Blue Sky, Galsan Tschinag  (Mongolia) *

Snow, Orhan Pamuk (Turkey)

Moscardino, Enrico Pea (trans. Ezra Pound)

Enthusiasm Odes & Otium, Jean Day

Oasis, Marleene Vonnegut (Algeria)

books on ADD, Bi-Polar, Learning disorders, legal rights for Special Ed.

Household Saints, Francine Prose

April May June

Yes Your Teen Is Crazy, Michael Bradley

Fruit of the Lemon, Andrea Levy (UK, Jamaica)

Secret Lives of Alexandre David-Neel, Michael & Barbara Foster *

Psychoanalysis of Fire, Gaston Bachelard

Egon Schiele critical study

Man of Feeling, Xavier Marias (Spain)

The File on H,  Ismael Kadare (Albania) (rr)

From a Crooked Rib, Nusruddin Farah (Somalia)

On Liebniz, Ganet Thompson

Teacher Sylvia Ashton-Warner (New Zealand) **

poems, Gilbert Sorrentino

Alexandria (Cavafy, Foster, Durrell: memoir history)

Paul Celan, John Felstiner (biography critical study)

Inheritance of Loss, Kiran Desai (India)

Akhnaten, Naguib Mahfouz (Egypt)

Astrid & Veronika, Linda Olsson (Sweden/New Zealand)

When We Were Young: New Perspectives on the Art of the Child, Jonathan Fineberg

July August September

Cool Memoirs, Baudrillard

The Dancing Healers, Carl Hammerschlag

House/Origins and Evolution, Stephen Gardiner

Berlin: The Twenties, Metzger & Bradstatter

Commodification and Spectacle in Architecture ed. Saunders.

Palm of the Hand, Yasunari Kawabata

The Dream, Emile Zola (new trans. Michael Glencross)

The Architects, Stefan Heym (GDR/USA)

To Live, Yu Hua

Agamemnon’s Daughter & other novellas, Ismail Kadare

The Counterfeiter & other stories, Yasushi Inoue

October November December

The Shadow of the Sun, Ryszard Kapuscinski *

The Centaur in the Garden, Moacyr Scliar (Roumania, South America)

Berlin Childhood, 1900, Walter Benjamin *

The File, Timothy Garton Ash

The Fellowship: The Untold Story of Frank Lloyd Wright & the Taliesen Fellowship, Roger Freidland & Harold Zellman

Television, Jean-Phillipe Toussaint

Hand to Mouth, Paul Auster

Koba the Dread: Laughter & The 20 Million, Martin Amis