Reading 2006

January February March

The Power of Scale:  a Global Historical Approach, John H. Bodley *

Amsterdam, Ian McEwan

The Professor’s House, Willa Cather

Going Nucular, Geoff Nunberg

The Old Beauty & other stories, Willa Cather

Animals in Translation, Temple Grandin *

Genetic & Cultural Odyssey: the Life & Work of L. Luca Cavalli-Sforza,

Linda Stone & Paul F. Lurquin


The Sea the Sea, Iris Murdoch

It’s’ Hard to Talk about Yourself, Natalia Ginzburg


Totem and Taboo, Freud *

Husband and Wife, Zeruya Shalev

Born to Buy The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture, Juliet B. Schor **

We agonize over the terrors of drugs and hijackings, bullies and perverts, yet seem to have resigned ourselves to the multimillion-dollar marketing blitz aimed at children. Schor's book is a lucid enquiry into the mechanics and effects of this legalized brainwashing, an informed and passionate call for action.

The Genius of Language, Wendy Lesser

The Way of All Flesh: the Romance of Ruins, Midas Dekkers

Purity and Danger, Mary Douglas **

April May June

Alexandria City of Memory, Michael Haag

The Mercy Room, Gilles Rozier

Views from the Real World, Gurdjieff (early talks)

The Garden of Secrets, Juan Goytisolo

Encyclopedia of Stupidity

The Samurai’s Garden, Gail Tsukiyama

Shadow of the Wind, Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Harmonious Circle: Gurdjieff, Ouspensky & followers

Graphs, Maps & Trees, Franco Moretti (abstract models for a literary theory)

Life is Real Only When I am, Gurdjieff  (autobiography)

The Trial of Eichmann (Dutch journalist)

The Twilight Years: Paris in the 1930s, William Wiser

Atlas of the Year 1000, Paul Man

The Book Thief, Marcus Zusack

The Omnivore’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan

Henri Lefebre, Merryfield

Fantasia: an Algerian Cavalcade, Assia Djebar

The Wake, Margo Glantz (novel/Mexico)

Firsts Things to Hand, Robert Pinsky

Petrolio, Pier Paolo Pasolini

Envisioning Information,  Tufte (rr) *

Tibetan Art

Chinese Buddhist Cave Painting

The Ice Shirt, William Vollman

July August September

The Voice Imitator, Thomas Bernhard

Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Amy Wallace (Life with Carlos Castaneda)


The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann (rr)

Ten Laws of Simplicity, John Maeda

Introducing Fractal Geometry

The Luminous Ground Christopher Alexander (The Nature of Order, book 4) **

Lost, Hans-Ulrich Treichel

The Evolutionary Mind, Rupert Sheldrake, Terence McKenna, Ralph Abraham

House of Windows, Adina Hoffman (Jerusalem) *

October November December

Lovelock and Gaia, Jon Turney

Reading Checkov, Janet Malcolm *

The Baron in the Trees, Italo Calvino

Istanbul, Orhan Pamuk *

The Crisis: The Shah the Ayatollah & the President, David Harris

Deep River, Shusake Endo

Swallows of Kabul, Yasmina Khadra

24 Hours in the Life of a Woman, Stefan Zweig

Twenty Years at Hull House, Jane Addams **

Promise is Ahead, Duane Elgin

Hashish, Walter Benjamin

Lend me Your Character, Drakulica Ugreshic

Berlusconi book

Chinese Letter, Svetislav Basara (Serbian)

My Michael, Amos Oz