Reading 2004


January February March

The Last Summer of Reason, Tafar Djaout (Algerian)

Antonio Negri interviews with Anne Dufourmantelle

Rouse Up O Young Men, Kenzoburo Oe

Left Hand Right Hand: origins of asymmetry in atoms bodies & culture, Chris McManus

All the Names, Jose Saramago

The Pecking Order, Dalton Conley (sociology of family dynamics)

Salvation, Valerie Martin (life of St. Francis d'Assisi)

The Trolley, Claude Simon

A New Model of the Universe, Peter Ouspensky *

The Five People You Meet in Heaven, Mitch Albom

Facing Athens: encounters with the modern city, George Sarrinikolaou

The Joy of Yoga, Jennifer Schwam Willis (Ed.)

Sacred Geometry, Miranda Lundy

The Other Side of Silence, Andre Brink **

Prize-winning South African novelist Andre Brink weaves an eloquent allegorical adventure story from the point of view of the silenced -- indigenuous Africans, the women transported as "brides" for settlers from Europe, and anyone else who tried to resist colonialism's advance in his country's brutal history.  This is brutal, magical,  compassionate writing.

April May June

Inez, Carlos Fuentes

Changing Mind, Vincent Stuart

Mind Wide Open: Your Brain and the Neuroscience of everyday life, Stephen Johnson *

Takes "having your head examined" to whole new levels in this autobiographical trek through the newest techniques for understanding our brains and how they function in everyday life. The author’s brain is scanned, imaged, measured, tracked, monitored, poked and prodded. Engaging writing that doesn't talk down or puff up this fascinating subject.

Nexus: Small Worlds & the Ground-breaking Theory of Networks, Mark Buchanan

Prague, Arthur Phillips

Greek language study

July August September

Good Muslim Bad Muslim, Mahmood Mamdani

Puskkin's Children, Tatyana Tolstaya

The Middle Mind: Why American Don't Think for Themselves,  Curtis White

Love Poems, Pablo Neruda

The Silent Language, Edward T. Hall

Shadow Without a Name, Ignacio Padillo

Voices of Marrakesch, Elias Canetti

Mediterranean Winter, Robert Kaplan

Guests of the Sheik, Eliz. Warnock Fernea ** (anthropology, Iraq 1960s)

The Appointment, Herta Muller (novel; Rumanian, now lives in Berlin)

Highsmith a Romance of the Fifties, Marijane Meaker (biog. of Patricia H.] 

The Long Loneliness, Dorothy Day (autobiog.)

Thoughts Matter, Mary Margaret Funk

Being Still: Reflections on Ancient Mystical Tradition, Jean-Yves Leloup

Baghdad Sketches, Freya Stark *

Dix heures et demi du soir en ete, Marguerite Duras 

The Tulip, Anna Pavord

Inside the Kingdom, Carmen Bin Laden

Fresh Cuts  Edwina von Gal

Reading Lolita in Teheran, Azar Nafisi

Luminous Emptiness, Francesca Freemantle (Tibetan Book of the Dead)

Arcanum, Andre Breton

October November December

The Yellow Rain, Julio Llamazares

Nine Parts of Desire, Geraldine Brooks (mid-east, women)

The Substance of Style, Virginia Postrel

Be Like Water, Joseph Cardillo

Hip: the History, John Leland

In a German Pension, Katherine Mansfield

Liquidation, Imre Kertesz

In Praise of Shadows, Junichiro Tanizaki *

Gurdjieff  His Life and Ideas, John Shirley

1000 Days in Venice, Marlena DeBlasi

The Ranson of Russian Art, John McPhee

The Natural History of the Rich A Field Guide, Richard Conniff

The Girl from the Fiction Dept., Hilary Spurling (biog. Sonia Orwell)

Man’s Search for Meaning, Viktor Frankl

The Life of the Lonely Doll (biog. of woman who did photo kids bks.)

Dance was Her Religion: The spiritual Choreography of Isadora Duncan, Ruth St. Denis and Martha Graham, Janet Lynn Roseman

Lenz, George Buchner Translated by Richard Sieburth

The Raphael Affair, Iain Pears

The Shape of Water, Andrea Camillero

The Cave, Jose Saramago

Quirky Kids, Perry Klass and Costello

Following Hadrian

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nightime, Mark Haddon

The Geneaology of Grace, Toti O’Brien

Songs of the Gorilla Nation, Dawn Prince-Hughes ***