Reading 1980s


January February March

Writings, Robert Smithson

Ki, Go etc games

On Photography, Susan Sontag

Chimera, John Barth

I, Etcetera, Sontag

Farmer's Daughter, W.C. Williams

Unspeakable Practices, Unnameable Acts, Donald Barthelme

The Painted Word, Tom Wolfe   /   Olympia Reader

General Linguistics, Ferdinand Saussure

Inferno, Dante

Invisible Cities, Italo Calvino

Fads and Fallacies, Martin Gardner

April May June

The Chinese Gold Murders, Van Gulik

Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E.Lawrence *

Man With the Golden Arm, Nelson Algren

Memoirs of a Prom Queen

Professor of Desire, Philip Roth

Ghost Writer, PhilipRoth

History of Architecture books

Modern Chairs

July August September

Spring Snow, Yukio Mishima

Gaugin, Paul Gaugin

Slapstick, KurtVonnegut

Golem/Bester (see other lists)


the Hite Report

T Zero, ItaloCalvino

Guilty Pleasures, Donald Barthelme

Movie Journal, Jonas Mekas

poems, Yeats; Oppen

Writings of Marinetti 

Freaks, L.Fiedler

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television, Jerry Mander **

Celine, McCarthy  

Future of Architecture, F.L.Wright

Interviews with Margaret Mead

Discipline and Punish, Michel Foucault

Enormous Changes, Grace Paley

Hunting Hypothesis, Robert Ardrey

October November December

Who's on First, W.F. Buckley  

Ubu Roi, Alfred Jarry

The Nuer, Evans Pritchard  

India, V.S.Naipaul

Godel Escher Bach, Hofstader

Black English, J.L.Dillard

Etiquette, Emily Post  

Graphanalysis, Bunker

Neglected Visions, ed. Malzberg



The Realists, C.P.Snow

Abba Abba, Anthony Burgess

One Hand Clapping, Burgess

Salzburg Connexion, Helen MacInnes

Mt. Fact & Fiction, Gore Vidal

Night Side, Joyce Carol Oates

The Life Science, Medawar

Moderato Cantabile, Marguerite Duras

A World of Profit, Louis Auschincloss

The Partners, Auchincloss

The Kidnapped Saint & Other Stories, B. Traven

Running Dog, Don DeLillo

Sartor Resartus, Thomas Carlyle

Illness as Metaphor, Sontag

Selected Poems, Alexander Blok

Rector of Justin, Auschincloss

(r) Elements of Semiology, Roland Barthes

Decay of the Angel, Mishima

Catch Me a Colubus, Gerald Durrell

Anti‑Memoirs, Andre Malraux

Zuckerman Unbound, Roth 

The 7 Minutes, Irving Wallace

5 Stories of Ferrara, G.Bassani

Music for Chameleons, T.Capote

July August September

The Old Beauty, Willa Cather

Delicate Prey , Paul Bowles

Cervantes, S.J.Arbo 

Recollection of Gide, R.M.du Gard

Without Stopping, Paul Bowles

The Painted Bird, Jerzy Kosinski 

History of Russian Art

The Galton Case, Ross McDonald

History of Art  

Creation, Gore Vidal

All the Conspirators, Isherwood

Willa Cather, Brown, Edel

Life of Michelangelo, J.Addington Symmons

Money Marker, Donoghue  

Off the Wall, Calvin Tompkins

The Rape of Ethiopia: 1936, Barker 

The Tree of Language, Laird

About Looking, John Berger 

Reflections on Language, Noam Chomsky

October November December

The Violent Narcissus: Lautreamont, Zweig

Le Chants de Maldoror, Lautreamont (Isidore DuCasse)

The Spanish Civil War, Jackson   

3 Plays, Pirandello

Stile 1925, Veronesi 

Stil 1930, Sembach

Collected Works, Jane Bowles

Duchamp / Schwartz, Cabanne, Notes & Projects, etc.

Le Resassement Eternel, Maurice Blanchot

Thomas the Obscure, Blanchot

Rene Char's Poetry, Blanchot

Camus  / Wright / Black Short Stories

Bruno's Dream, Iris Murdoch

The Last Days of Louisana Red, Ishmael Reed

The Libertine of Qualit; The Lifted Curtain, Count de Mirabeau

L'Assommoir, Emile Zola  *

The White Nile, Alan Moorehead

The Fancy Dress Party, Alberto Moravia

A Murder of Quality, LeCarre

Stones of Florence; Venice Revisited, Mary McCarthy



January February March

Girl, 20, Kingsley Amis  

Image Music Text, R.Barthes

Florentine Art  /  Giotto  /  Titian, etc

Roman Art, Haufmann

art crit. anthology for Moira Roth class

Our Debt to Greece & Rome 

Catullus (works by & about)

Catullus and His Influence

Pierre Boulez, by John Peyser

Book of Laughter & Forgetting, Milan Kundera

Rome, Roustoutzeff

Art Forms & Civic Life in the late Roman Republic, H. P .L'Orange

Prolegomena to Study of Roman Art, Brendel

(r) From Bauhaus to Our House, Tom Wolfe

In Savoy, G.Stein (play)

Beyond Modern Sculpture, Jack Burnham

Path to the Spider's Nest, Calvino

Blade Runner, William Burroughs  

Geography & Plays, Gertude Stein

3 Upmanship, Potter 

Rome & Etruria

LouiseNevelson ; Joseph Cornell  (biographies)

Great Western Salt Works, Jack Burnham

L'Isola, Parks/Marin

Roman art history

 (rr) all Gaskin books

Children of the Dream, Bruno Bettleheim

The Art of Memory, Frances Yates

Voices of Silence, Andre Malraux

Art and Visual Perception, Robert Arnheim  *

The Roman Way, Edith Hamilton (rr)

Writings of Denis Diderot

Plays of Aristophanes

April May June

The Ruined Map, Kobo Abe

California Utopia, Hine

research on communes, and posters,

Scars on the Soul, Francoise Sagan

Confessions of a Mask, Mishima

Under the Net, Iris Murdoch

Somerset Maugham (biography)

A Word Child, iris Murdoch 

The Skin of Dreams, Raymond Queneau

Linguistic Structures in Poetry, Samuel R. Levin

Woman in the Dunes, Abe 

The Flight of Icarus, Raymond Queneau

Portraits of Fame & Obscurity, Gay Talese

July August September

Riseand& Fall of the Roman Empire, Glen Barclay

Montgomery Clift, P.Bosworth

Trends in the Science of Language

le Chiendent, Queneau  

Iris Murdoch, by Donna Gerstenberger

Iris Murdoch, by Rubin Rabinovitz

Ruskin in Italy, (letters to his parents)

July August September

Honor Thy Father, Talese  

LaBas, J.K.Huysmans

Planus, Blaise Cendrars  

Marthe, Huysmanns

The Disciplined Heart, Peter Wolfe (on Murdoch)

Imaginative Qualities of Actual Things, Gilbert Sorrentino

End of the World, Cendrars

The Chain of Chance, Stanislaw Lem

Letters of Ford Maddox Ford

Trained for Genius, FM Ford

Sights & Spectacles, Mary McCarthy (Theatre crit)

The Black Obelisk, E.Maria Remarque

Letters from Prison, Antonio Gramsci *

Rabbit Run / R.Redux / Rabbit is Rich, John Updike (trilogy)

Teach us to Outgrow our Madness, Kenzoburo Oe

Selected Writings, Paul Valery 

Sociobiology, Edmund O. Wilson

Art Objects, Frieda Kay Fall

Prints & Visual COmmnication, Wm.M.Ivins jr.

My Name is Asher Lev, Chaim Potok

Human Factor, Graham Greene

October November December

On Growth & Form, D'Arcy Thompson *

Structural Stability and Morphogenesis, Rene Thom

Gilgamesh epic

Two Japanese Novelists

Yukio Mishima , J Nathan

Love Letters, Antonia Fraser, ed

Snow Country, Kawabata

Ten Letter Writers, Lyn L Irvine

The World's Great Letters anthology

The Sea and Poison, Shunsaku Endo

MindStorms, Seymour Papert

Leonardo by Freud

books on Diderot, French Revolution, Enlightment, etc.

Journals & Letters of Eugene Delacroix

La Religeuse, Denis Diderot

The Renaissance, Walter Pater

Art as Propaganda: France 1750‑90

Pageant Master of the Republic

Maxims, La Rouchefoucauld

Niveau de Rameau, Diderot

Gesture Dialogue & Language of Diderot

Picasso    / DaVinci  / David

The Time is Now, Melody Sumner

Ironwood 20

Lady Godiva, Alberto Moravia

Among Women Only, Cesare Pavese

The Black Swan, Thomas Mann *

Saving Lives and Causing Death, Glover



January February March

Summing Up, Somerset Maugham

Beyond Good and Evil, Nietzsche

A Map of Misreading, Harold Bloom

The Archaeology of Knowledge, Foucault

Auto da Fe, Elias Canetti

The White Hotel, D.M. Thomas

Paris Lectures, Husserl

Phenomenology, Hegel

Think Back on Us, Malcolm Cowley

American Negro Short Stories ed JH Clarke

Analysis of Beyond Good & Evil

Video Art essays

Under the Sign of Saturn, S. Sontag

April May June

Stories, John Cheever

NY REview Books/Artweek/Esquire/etc

The Eclipse of Reason, Max Horkheimer

Collected Letters Flaubert

Mme Maigret's Case, Simenon

Jefferson or Mussolini, Ezra Pound

Shadow Train, John Ashbery

End of the World News, Anthony Burgess

If on a Winter's Night a Traveller Calvino

poems & prose, Mallarme

How German Is It?, Walter Abish

Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn *

July August September

Homage to Catalonia, George Orwell *

The Immoralist, Gide (rr. in English)

Heart of the Matter, Graham Greene

Headbirths, Gunther Grass

Edie An American Biography, Stein/Plimpton

Querrelle, Genet

Three Tales, Gustave Flaubert *

Paris France, Gertrude Stein (rr)

The Sufferings of Young Werther, Goethe

The Origins of Consciousness in the  Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes *

The World of our Fathers, Irving Howe

Left Handed Woman & Moment of True Feeling, Peter Handke

The Lost Honor of Katherina Blum, Heinrich Boll

Strangers in Paradise: Hollywood Emigres 1933‑50, John Taylor

October November December

Blue Boy, Jean Giono

Notes of a Medicine Watcher, Lewis Thomas

Fires, Marguerite Yourcenar

Communications and the Evolution of Society, Jurgen Habermas

Forbes/Artweek/VillVoice/NY Review/Times/Weekly etc

Scientific American/Arts & Architecture/Images & issues etc.

The Mismeasure of Man, Stephen J. Gould **

Sense and Non‑Sense, Maurice Merleau‑Ponty

Fonatamara, Ignazio Silone

Memoirs of Hadrian, Marguerite Yourcenar

Confessions of Zeno, Italo Svevo **

Colonna d'Infame, Alessandro Manzoni

Of Crimes & Punishments, Cesare Beccaria

Growing Up, Russell Baker

Structuralism and After, Roland Barthes

Modes of Eccentric Vision, Czeslaw Milosz



January February March

The Magic Mountain, Thomas Mann (teaching)

Two Faces of Hermes (re Mann)

Imaginary Interviews Andre Gide

Enzo Siciliano Pasolini a biography

Abba Abba, Burgess (rr)

The Pagan Rabbi & other stories, Cynthia Ozick

Decline of the New Irving, Howe

Architecture of Four Ecologies, Reyner Banham

Essays, Oscar Wilde

By Design, Kaplan

April May June

Lavinia, George Sand

The Fashion System, Roland Barthes


Return of Eva Peron, VS Naipaul

How Real is Real

Reading Drawings, Susan Lambert

Distant Relations, Carlos Fuentes

July August September

Nocturnes for the King of Naples, Edmund White

Djinn, Alain Robbe‑Grillet

Last Lunar Baedaecker, Mina Loy

Interview with History, Oriana Fallaci

Autumn of the Patriarch, G.G. Marquez

Two Lives of Charlemagne

Opium & Other Stories, Geza Csath

Creation, Gore Vidal

The Abbess of Crewe, Muriel Spark

July's People, Nadine Gordimer

Civilization & Its Discontents, Freud

Joan of Arc, Marina Warner

Jackie Oh!, Kitty Kelley

Diaries of Lucrezia Borgia

Myth of Sisyphus, Camus

focus on magazines/for articles

VV/Artforum/Harpers/Time/People/LA & NY Times/ Atlantic/Scientific

American/Weeky & Reader/ Vogue/Elle/Maison Francaise etc.

for teaching:


Sarraute/Grahame Greene/Flaubert etc.

October November December

A Few Green Leaves, Barbara Pym

All the Good People I've Left Behind, Joyce Carol Oates


The Driver's Seat, Muriel Spark

The Captain's Daughter, Pushkin (rr)

The Public Image, Spark

Less than Angels, Pym

Ida , Gertrude Stein

Dr Fisher of Geneva or the Bomb Party, Graham Greene

Loitering with Intent, Muriel Spark

Hothouse by the East River, Spark

Death of Tragedy, Nietzsche

The Anti‑Aesthetic essays on postmodern culture

Benvenuto Cellini Autobiography



January February March

El Tunel, Ernesto Sabato (in Spanish)

Whole Days in the Trees, Marguerite Duras

Fiction International

Collected Stories, VS Pritchett

The Moons of Jupiter, Nancy Munro

Blue Noon, Geo Bataille

Time of Desecration, Alberto Moravia (La Vita Interiore)


Mario Canossa, Sandra Canetti


Art Through the Ages

Visual Art A History (for teaching)

The Far Side of the Dollar, Ross McDonald

Letters Alice, B Toklas

essays, Anais Nin

Eminent Victorians Lytton Strachey

Cantos, E Pound

The Takeover, Spark

My Bike & Other Friends, Henry Miller

Recovery of the Public World (on Hannah Arendt) *

April May June

Old Wives Tales (African tribal women)

art history texts etc.

Overnight to Many Distant Cities, Barthelme

Cities & the Wealth of Nations, Jane Jacobs *

Imaginary Magnitude, Stanislaw Lem

July August September

Culture of Narcissism, Christopher Lasch

The Soul of Mbira, Paul Berliner

Journal of Asiatic Society

The Music of Africa JH Kwambeng

African Rhythm, AM Jones

Bulgarian/Macedonian folk Music Boris A Kremenliev

Folk Music Research: Hungary, Lajos Vargyas

Ethnomusicology & India, Prajnanananda

An Introduction to Indian Music, Chaitanya Deva

Yoruba Vocal Music

Zulu & Xhosa Songs

Folk Music of Hungary, Zoltan Kodaly

Music of Indonesia, Mantle Hood

The Hungarian Folk Song, Bela Bartok

My Music My Life, Ravi Shankar

Japanese Music, Wm P Malm

The Fall, Albert Camus

Like Birds Like Fishes, Ruth Prawar Jhabuala

Little Tales of Misogyny, Patricia Highsmith

The Gambler & Other Tales, Dostoeyevsky

Loser Takes All, Grahame Greene

The Constant Wife, Somerset Maughem

The Duel & Other Stories, Checkov

Pope Joan (trans Durrell)

The Wind Harp, Capote

Class, Paul Fussell

Salvador, Didion

Two Towns in Provence, MFK Fisher

Beans of Egypt Maine, Carolyn Chute

Carnival, Isak Dinesen

October November December

Arabian Days, Edmund O'Brien

Roman Painting

Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Erickson, Grinder & Bandler

Dutiful Daughter, Thomas Kennelly

Paris France (rr) G Stein

Making of Americans, (rr) e Stein

books on Verona: history Dante architecture etc.

Lectures on Italy, Ruskin

Life of Dante

Orlando, Virginia Woolf

Uncertainty in Interpretive Relations: the Social Psychology of Language, Berger & Brooke

Frogs into Princes, Grinder & Bandler

Marxists on Literature, ed David Craig

Manhattan Review/Modern Continental Literary Criticism

Karl Popper selections (prep for teaching Senior seminar)

Writing Degree Zero, Roland Barthes

Oscar Levant, A Smattering of Ignorance

My Sister My Spouse, HF Peters (on Lou Andreas Salome)

Gide Vivant, Jean Cocteau

Venice & Northeast Italy, Eric Whelpton

Philosphy of Modern Music, Theodore Adorno

European Petrarchy & Congress of Verona 1822, Inby C Nichols Jr

Alexis, Marguerite Yourcenar

Instant Lives & Moer Howard Moss (drawing Ed Gorey)

Trance Formations, Grinder and Bandler

Freud Journal, Lou Andreas Salome

Gyorgy Ligeti, Paul Griffiths

Bad Boy of Music, George Antheil



January February March

The Rhetoric of Fiction, Wayne Booth

The Coin of Carthage, Bryher

The Flounder, Gunther Grass

The Writing on the Wall, Mary McCarthy

Scoop, Evelyn Waugh

Lacan & Narration: the Psychoanalytic Difference in Narrative Theory   

Less Than Zero, Bret Ellis

Invasions, Antonia Porta

My Christina & Other Stories, Merce Rodereda

A Study of Vermeer, Edward Snow

Marxism & Modernism, Eugene Lunn

Primo Levi

The Shock of the New, Robert Hughes

the Idea of the Modern, Howe

Re-codings, Hal Foster

Self‑Hypnosis, Sparks

April May June

Structuralism, Jean Piaget

Situationist anthology

The Long Business, Laura Schiff (poetry)

Modern Art and Modernism, ed Frances Frascia Ch Harrison

scripts incl. Wertmuller, Resnais, Malle ets

The Party of Humanity, Peter Gay *

Literary Theory, Terry Eagleton (teaching) *

Stars Down to Earth, Adorno

Voltaire in Love, Nancy Mitford

One Dimensional Marxism (anti‑Althusserian essays)

North from Rome, Helen McInnes

Their Eyes Were Watching God, Zora Neale Hurston

Desire in Language, Julia Kristeva

Pschrink Anon, J Jeppson

Biophilia, Ed. O Wilson

Marxism and Literary Criticism, Terry Eagleton

Great Expectations, Kathy Acker

Redesigning the American Dream, Dolores Hayden

Night Visitor & Other Stories, B Traven *

Active Imagination, Barbara Hannah

Sister Age, MFK Fisher

The Life to Come & Other Stories, EM Forster

On the Naive and Sentimental in Art, Friedrich Schiller

Le Sexe Qui n'est pas Une, Luce Irigary

D'Alembert's Dream Diderot

July August September

Rameau's Nephew, Diderot

Out of Detroit & Out of Step, Una Zero

Astraea, Frances Yates

Delvau on sonnets/Henry Murger etc

preface to Mangeur d'opium Anglais, Claude Farriere

Miss Manners, Judith Martin

Selected Writings, Condorcet

Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature, Guerin et al

Spurs: Nietzsche's Style, Jacques Derrida

Major Film Theories, J Dudley Andrew

The Only Problem, Muriel Spark

House, Tracy Kidder

Stealing the Language, Alicia Ostriker

Papers on 19/20th Century  Art Meyer Shapiro

Topics in American Art since 1945 Lawrence Alloway

Driftworks, JF Lyotard

October November December

Politics Writing Mutilation, Allen Stoekl

Clement Greenberg essays

Fernand Braudel On History

Jean Baudrillard The Mirror of Production

Film & the Narrative Tradition John L Fell

The Mind Managers, Herb Schiller

Appollinaire Poet Among the Painters, Francis Steegmuller

The Bell, Iris Murdoch

The Documents in the Case, Dorothy Sayers

The Political Unconscious, Fred. Jameson

Marx & Engels documents



January February March

Theories of Modern Art, Herschell Chipp

Portage to San Cristobal of AH

The Sandcastle, Murdoch

Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation


Anti‑Oedipus, Deleuze & Guattari

The Samurai, Shunsake Endo

April May June

Textual Power, Robert Scholes

Kino‑Eye, Dziga Vertov (intro Annette Michaelson)

The Subject of Semiotics, Kaja Silverman

The Power of the Image, Annette Kuhn

Women's Pictures, Annette Kuhn

Althusser Baudry Metz etc

Juliet Mitchell; Laura Mulvey; Wollen; Ann Kaplan on film

Alice Doesn't, Theresa De Lauretis

books on Warhol for paper

Stargazer, Koch, etc

Reveries du Promeneur Solitaire,  JJ Rousseau

Jacques le fataliste, Diderot

L'infortuns de la Virtu, Sade

Diderot Studies journal/ various issues

Paul et Virginie, Bernardin de St Pierre

Reve de D'Alembert, Denis Diderot

Rousseau biographies by MacDonald, Mowat, Bachaud etc

Rousseau and the Spirit of Revolt

Percy Bysshe Shelley, John A Symonds


Guide to Contemp French Lit: Valery to Sartre, Wallace Fowlie

Nana, Delacorte

the Tenth Man, Grahame Greene

July August September

Other Fires (anthology of Latin American women writers)

Revery on Reveries, Gaston Bachelard

the Scientific History of Science

The Farewell Party, Milan Kundera

Collected Stories, Graham Greene

I Murdoch The Unofficial Rose

The King's Way (story of Mme. Maintenon)

The Drought, J.G. Ballard

Empire of the Sun,  Ballard   

Living in the Light

The Old Regime and the French Revolution,, Alexis de Tocqueville

How to Read a Person, Nierenberg/Calero

Structuralism and Semiotics, Terence Hawkes

History of Sexuality, Foucault

Case of Dora, Freud

Sylvie, Gerard de Nerval

Guide to Contemporary Italian Literature, Sergio Pacifici

La Batarde, Violette le Duc

Confessions, Rousseau

Critical Inquiry project (periodicals)

Semiology, R Barthes

Confessions, St Augustine

Prisms, Theodore Adorno

October November December

Sicilian Uncles, Leonardo Sciascia (4 Novellas)

Twilight of the Elephant; In Sicily; La Garibaldina, Elio Vittorini

periodicals: Social Text/Telos, etc

Theory of Literature, Wellek and Warren

Golino Contemp Ital Lit. (poetry)

Roman Nights & Other Stories Pasolini

I Novissimi/anthology of Italian avant garde poetry, ed Giuliani/late 50s

Pasolini, Enzo Siciliano

Pasolini on Pasolini/interviews wt Oswald Stack

All Our Yesterdays, Natalia Ginzburg

the Psychology of Music, ed Diana Deutsch

Music Mind & Brain, ed Manfred Clynes

Music & the Brain Studies in the Psychology of Music/Critchley...

The Words, Jean Paul Sartre

The Life of St Teresa of Avila

Selections Cultural Writings, Antonio Gramsci

Confessions of an English Opium Eater, Thomas deQuincey

Teorema, PP Pasolini

The War a Memoir, Marguerite Duras

Repetition,  Soren Kierkegaard

Voltaire Candide & Zadig

Signs & Meaning in Cinema, Peter Wolen

Dialogic Imagination, Bakhtin *

The New Italian Cinema, RT Witcombe

Italian Cinema from NeoRealism to the Present, Peter Bondanella

the Vice Consul, Marguerite Duras

The Notebook of Malte Lauride Brigge, RM Rilke

As a Man Grows Older, Italo Svevo

History Ital Lit, Wilkins

Italian AntiFascist Press, Frank Rosengarten

Eugenie Grandet, Balzac

Moments of Being, V Woolf

Critique of Commodity Aesthetics, Haug

The Bethrothed, Alessandro Manzoni

The Flamingo's Smile, Stephen Jay Gould

book of poetry, Pat Dienstfrey



January February March

The Baron in the Trees, Italo Calvino

No Way, Natalia Ginzburg

Women Writers in France, Germaine Bree

Crash, J.G.Ballard (r)

Iron and Velvet: Women Writers in France After George Sand, Margaret Crosland

The Moon and the Bonfires, Cesare Pavese,

Farenheit 451, Ray Bradbury (rr)

The House by the Medlar Tree, Giovanni Verga

I Promessi Sposi, Manzoni

Literary Criticism from Pope to Croce, ed. Clark & Allen

Diderot/Pope/Johnson/Poe/Whitman/Colerideg/Wordswporth etc.

History of the Enlightnment, Ernst Cassirer *

Clive Matson Hourglass (poetry, rr)

Manuscripts from Lucien Febvre & Henri Jean Martin

The Coming of the Book: the Impact of Printing 1450‑1800 (L'Apparition du Livre 1958)

History of Photography (Rosenbloom) History of "The Sun" Moon Hoax  etc.

selections on history of photography, (incl. Baudelaire); rise of printing, slaves in antebellum South

 Literacy, early mass news­papers, history of radio and broadcasting.

Name of the Rose, (rr) Umberto Eco

Ways of Seeing, John Berger

Criticism & Ideology, Terry Eagleton

Acquainted with Grief, Carlo Emilio Gadda *

Primitive Rebels: Studies in Archaic Forms of Social Movements, Eric Hobsbawm *

Ragged Dick, Horatio Alger

Mark the Match Boy, Horatio Alger

I Malavoglia, Giovanni Verga

The Subculture of Violence: Toward an Intergrated Theory in Criminology, Martin Wolfgang and Franco Ferracuti

Mafia Bibliography, Cambridge Institute of Criminology

A Family Business: Kinship & Control in Organized Crime, Frances & Elizabeth Ianni

L'Adalgisa, C.E. Gadda

Mafia Business, Pino Arlacchi

Theft of the Nation: Structure of Organized Crime in America, Donald Cressey

The Great Gangster Pictures, Parish & Pitts

Mafia, Henner Hess

Mafia, Peasants & Great Estates: Society in Traditional Calabria, Pino Arlacchi *

Springtime in Italy: A Reader on Neo‑Realism,  David Overbey

(pieces by Vittorini, Moravia, Antonioni, De Santis, Visconti, Venturini, Chiarini, DeSica, Rossellini, etc.)

The Mafia Mystique, Dwight C. Smith, Jr.

Giovanni Verga,  Giovanni Cecchini

The Defiant Muse: Italian Feminist Poems Middle Ages to Present

Guns and Garlic: Myths and Realitites of Organized Crime, Fred. J Homer.

Senilita, Italo Svevo

The Modern Italian Novel from Manzoni to Svevo, Pacifici

Italo Svevo: The Man & the Writer, P.N. Furbank

Italo Svevo, Naomi Lebowitz

The Italian Language, Bruno Migliorini

Invito alla lettura di Natalia Ginzburg, Elena Clementelli,

The Yale Gertrude Stein/selections, Intro. R. Kostelanetz

The Sponsor: Notes on a Modern Potentate, Erik Barnouw

Stars, Richard Dyer (1979 analysis of celebrity system)

City Lights: Immigrant Women and the Rise of the Movies, Elizabeth Ewen

(from Channels of Desire, Stuart & E. Ewen)

April May June

It's a Battlefield, Grahame Greene

La luna e il falo, Pavese

The Modern Italian Novel: Pea to Moravia , Pacifici

Mss for criticism grants, Ohio Arts Council

Come leggere Gadda, Bolla

Ceccaroni, Gadda

Pasticciaccio di Gadda, uno studio in "giallo", Merola

Mr. Palomar, Italo Calvino

A Vocabulary Analysis of Gadda's Pasticciaccio, Joan McConnell

Mimesis, Eric Auerbach

Society of the Spectacle, Guy DeBord

(articles on advertising and on television for media course

Caro Michele, Natalia Ginsburg

Romantic Agony, Mario Praz

I viaggi la morte, Gadda

La cognizione del dolore, Gadda

The Mountain People, Colin Turnbull

The Thanatos Syndrome, Walker Percy

Protestant Ethic/Spirit Capitalism, Max Weber

Equal Danger, Leonardo Sciascia

Chomsky Reader

Cassirer Enlightenment (excerpts)

Una Vita, Italo Svevo

Short Sentimental Journey, Svevo

Day of the Owl, Leonardo Sciascia

Thorstein Veblen Theory of the Leisure Class

Julio Cortazar ‑‑ short stories

The Council of Egypt L Sciascia

July August September

The Madwoman in the Attic: women writers and the 19th Century Imagination,  Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar

Case of Dora, Toril Moi, Jacq Rose, etc.

Clarice Lispector

The Reproduction of Mothering: Sociology of Gender, Nancy Chodorow

The Real Life of Alejandro Mayta, Mario Vargas Llosa

Pour un nouveau roman, Alain Robbe-Grillet

Le Planeterium, Natalie Sarraute

Ruby Fruit Jungle, Rita Mae Brown

On Pascal's Pensees, Hugh Davidson

MediaVisions Art: Industry of Mass Communication, Robert Stanley

Ion; the Republic; Phaedrus; Phaedo, Plato

After Babel: Aspects of Langyage and Translation, George Steiner

The Poetics, Rhetoric, etc., Aristotle

Second Sex, Simone de Beauvoir (rr)

Room of One's Own, Virginia Woolf (rr)

Jacques Derrida "Plato's Pharmacy" in Disseminations

Chaucer Wife of Bath Prologue & Tale

Sappho & Orphic poems & commentary by feminist scholars

On Mimesis?, Christopher Prendergast

Two Centuries of French Literature 1600-1800, Raymond Picard

The French Novel from 1800 to the Present, Winfried Engler

The Nouveau Roman Reader, ed. J. Fletcher & J. Calder

Le Voyeur, Alain Robbe-Grillet

L'Emploi du Temps, Michel Butor

Moderato Cantabile, Marguerite Duras

Le Square, Duras

L'Apres-midi de Mr Andesmas, Duras

Hiroshima mon amour, Duras

Le Vice Consul, Duras

Detruire, dit-elle, Duras

India Song, Duras

L'Amant, Duras

Les yeux bleus cheveux noirs, Duras

Lettres provinciales, Blaise Pascal

Pensees (texte etablis par Louis Lafuma)

Pensees, Blaise Pascal (trans. John Warrington)

Discourses of the Fall: A Study of Pascal's Pensees,  Sara E. Melzer

The Hidden God: A Study of Tragic Vision in The Pensees of Pascal and the Tragedies of Racine, Lucien Goldmann (trans Philip Thody of Le Dieu cache)

Blaise Pascal, Hugh M. Davidson

Maximes, La Rochefoucauld

The Maxims of La Rochefoucauld (Trans: Louis Kronenberger )

Jean de la Bruyere, Edward C. Knox

October November December

Two French Moralists, Odette de Mourgues

Vauvenargues & La Rochefoucauld, Peter M. Fine

La Rochefoucauld: His Mind & Art, W.G. Moore

La Princesse de Cleves/The Princess of Cleves, Mme de Lafayette

Vindication of the Rights of Women, Mary Wollstonecraft

Idea, Irwin Panofsky

A Rebours, J.K.Huysmans

Les Confessions, JJ Rousseau

on Rousseau's Confessions, Peter France

Malade Imaginaire & other plays, Moliere

Le Roi se Meurt, Ionesco

The Poetics of Gender, ed Nancy Miller Columbia 1986

 [re-read/study for comprehensive exam:]

paradise lost milton

the misanthrope moliere

don quixote cervantes

oresteia aeschylus

song of roland

ariosto orlando furioso

dolls house ibsen

ghost sonata strindberg

rabelais gargantua & pantagruel


gullivers travels swift

turgenev fathers and sons

red & the black stendhal



January February March

Ulysses, james joyce        / faust, goethe Poe Tales

crime & punishment, Dostoeyevsky / wings of the dove Henry James

moby dick, melville      / pride and prejudice, jane austen

6 characters in search of an author, pirandello

portrait of a lady, henry james / virginia woolf to the lighthouse

balzac le pere goriot / remembrance of things past proust

baudelaire: poetry / essays / Marx 18th brumaire of louis bonaparte

E.A. Poe "philosophy of composition" & "poetic principle"

Cocteau plays               

Axel's Castle, Edmund Wilson

Mallarme poems, criticism, correspondence

Figures, Gerard Genette

Barrage Contre le Pacific, Duras (The Sea Wall)

The Romantic Agony, Praz, Mario

Screen magazine Sex & Spectatorship issue

The Aesthetics of Stephan Mallarme in Relation to His Public

Home is Where the Heart Is: Studies in Melodrama and the Women's Film

3 Decades of the French New Novel, ed Lois Oppenheim

The Nouveau Roman A Study in the Practice of Writing, Heath

Dr Faustus, Thomas Mann

Mallarme and the Sublime, Louis Wirth Marvick

On the Sublime and the Beautiful , Burke

Towards the Poems of Mallarme, Robert Greer Cohen

Revolution in Poetic Language, Kristeva

The Proust Screenplay, Harold Pinter

The French New Novel, Sturrock

The New Novel, Laurent LeSage

End of the Line, Neil Hertz

April May June

Middlemarch, George Eliot

Theory of the Avant Garde, Poggioli

Essays, Paul deMan

The Waves, V Woolf

Iliad, Homer

Candide, Voltaire

Utz, Bruce Chatwin

Stories, Tommaso Landolfi

Look Back in Anger, Osborne

The Modern World: 10 Great Writers, Malcolm Bradbury

Volpone, Ben Jonson

literary essays: Pritchett 

Yourcenar (rr) / Tristan & Iseult folktale

The Sound & the Fury, Faulkner

Decameron, Boccaccio

essays on Boccaccio by Moravia, Foscolo, Schlovsky

Poems of Eugenio Montale [1896...]

July August September

Narcissus and Echo: Women in the French Recit, Naomi Segal

Lescaut 1731; Chateaubriand's Rene 1805; Con­stant's Adolphe 1816;

Gautier's Mlle. de Maupin 1835; Musset's Confession d'un enfant du siecle

1836; Merimee's Carmen 1845; Nerval's Sylvie 1853; Fromentin's Dominique

1863; Gide's L'Immor­aliste (1902) & La Porte Etroite (1909)]

Corneille & Racine, Pocock

Empire of the Senseless, Acker

Libra, Don Delillo

City, William Whyte

Checkov New Perspectives, ed Welleck & Welleck

Doubles, Miller

Reflective Journey, Marion Montgomery (Dante Wordsworth Eliot)

October November December

Genius and Monologue, Ken Frieden

Dream and the Unconscious in 19th C Russian Fiction, Katz

Dreams and Visions in English Poetry

The Poet & the City, J.H. Johnston

Brothers Karamazov / Moll Flanders

Cowper Wordsworth Baudelaire Virgil

Lysistrata Aristophanes / 3 Sisters/ Uncle Vanya/Cherry Orchard

Notes from Underground, Dostoevsky

The Bible & the Common Reader

Desolation Angels, Kerouac rr

Frankenstein, Mary Shelley

Vathek, Beckford

Castle of Otranto, Walpole

Romance of the Forest, Anne Radcliffe

The Gothic Imagination: Expansion in Gothic Literature and Art, Linda Bayer-Berenbaum

Northanger Abbey, Jane Austen

Jane Austen, Tony Tanner

The Spirit of Mediterranean Places, Michel Butor

L'Emploi du Temps, Butor

The Wind, Claude Simon

The Rise of the Novel, Ian Watt