Marina LaPalma: Publications



(Contributing editor 1985–87; 1989–90; Southern Calif. Editor, June/July 1986

1/15/83 "Artists as Comics" Tony Labat/Michael Peppe.

3/26/83 Vol.14, No.12; "Out of Sculpture Music" Stone/Grimmer

5/21/83, "Psychosocial Collage" Terry Allen/La Jolla MOCA

7/16/83 Vol.14, No.25; "Transformation by Association" Italo Scanga. UAM, Berkeley

8/3/83 Vol. 14, No.27; "Style & Surface" Falso Movimento, S.F.

12/10/83 "Struggling Toward New Definitions" Sushi/performances

2/4/84 "A Disturbing Agglomeration" Alik Cavalieri, Otis Parsons

2/25/84 Vol.15, No.8; "Life with the Blakes" Petrillo/Davids

3/10/84 "Paradoxes of Association" Marisa Merz/Newport Harbor

3/24/84 "Letterism: Emerging from the Shadows" UCSD

7/14/84 Vol.15, No.26; "The Art of Opposition" LACE/Samizdat

12/15/84 Vol.15, No.43; "Sound & Fury" Falso Movimento's Otello, JACCC, Los Angeles

2/23/85 "Women Look at Themselves" corporate plaza/group show

4/16/85 Vol. 16, No.14 "Video Verging on Television" (Barnsdall Galleries)

1/11/86 "Perspectives" David Hockney prints/L.A.Louver

1/18/86 "The Great Cleverness" Warhol "Reigning Queens"/Cirrus

12/8/86 "Abandoned Monuments" Janet Tholen/Long Beach City College

12/15/86 "The Male Dilemma" Richard Roehl/Thinking Eye Gallery

12/15/86 "Posters from Poland" Legion of Honor, San Francisco

13/1/86 "New Faces" Shoshana Wayne Gallery group show

13/8/86 "Passionate Answers" Anti-Apartheid Posters/Watts Towers

13/22/86 "A Moving Realism" The Irish Tapes/Long Beach Museum

13/29/86 "Beware the Grids" TV Generations"at LACE (cover piece)

14/19/86 "Naivete & Power" Sonrisa/Maria Elena Orona paintings

14/26/86 "Playing the Artist's Role" Bob & Bob/Otis Gallery

14/26/86 "Reflecting Inner Worlds" LACPS Personal Icons grp. show

15/17/86 "A Conjunction of Affinities" Barnsdall, (cover)

15/24/86 "When the Hammer Breaks" LAICA, Erickson & Ziegler

16/7/86 "Image & Medium" New Belgian Video, Long Beach

18/9/86 "The Medium and the Media" Richard Hamilton/County Museum

110/4/86 Ron Pippin at Thinking Eye Gallery (mini)

10/11/86 "An Ecological Teleology" Tom Jenkins at Karl Bornstein (cover)

10/25/86 Vol 17, No. 35 / Julia Margaret Cameron, Getty, UCLA/Loyola/Marymount.

11/15/86 "Probing Video Premises" grp screening, Women's Bldg. (cover)

11/22/86 "Celebrations of Mortality" (Day of the Dead art, UCLA)

12/6/86 Joel Shapiro at Asher Faure (cover article)

4/4/87 "An Armor of Discards" Tony Berlandt at Barnsdall

5/30/87 "Paintings by the Numbers" David Salle at MOCA

6/13/87 "The Intimate & the Political" Erika Suderburg, Anuska Gallery, San Diego

7/23/88 "Interpreting Cultural Codes" Richard/Bennett Gallery. (note: incorrectly labeled as "Re-examining the Gaze").

9/30/89 "Human Figure as Simulacrum" Configurations/Sec. Pacific

Fall 1989 ... Meg Cranston

9/30/89 "A Painterly Reading of Photographs", Fahey\Klein Gallery

11/16/89 Beckett Teleplays at MOCA

1/25/90 "Family Matters" Karen Finley/Theory of Total Blame, LACE

Feb. 1990 "On Being Foreign" Video/In Search of Paradise, LACE.

5/3/1990 "Social Relations" [Artweek Focus] on social implications of Performance Art.

5/10/90 "Material Implications" Nancy Youdelman sculpture at Ovsey Gallery, Los Angeles.

High Performance Magazine

#17/18 artists chronicle.

# 26 1984: Feature on L.A Music scene (Part I); Reviews. 

# 27 1984: Reviews: Jerry Allyn/Women's Building/Feature

# 28 1984: First "Catholic Ears" column. Reviews: Lewis MacAdams at Beyond Baroque; New Music Festival, Hartford, CT.  etc.

# 29 1985: column; Carl Stone at Park Plaza; #30 column

#31 Fall '85: Feature: "World Music..."; #32 1986 column (USSR trip)

#33 1986 column; Steve McCaffery, Langton Arts, SF. Cal Arts NMA Festival, reviews

#s 34, 35, 1986: column & reviews.

#36 1986, column; review of Macintosh concert at LACE

#37 1987 column; review "The Erl King" MOCA (Weinbrun/Friedman)

#38, 1987 column (& kill fee on AFI‑fest)

#39, 1987 column; Jacques the Fatalist, LATC (Kundera)

#45 Spring 1989 New Music reviews/column.

# 46 Winter 1989. "Permeable Boundaries"

Summer 1990 "Not a Revie: The Case for Theory" (Anna Homler et al at Beyond Baroque)

Los Angeles Weekly

Jan 10, 1986 Tadanoori Yokoo Posters, JACCC

Jan.31, 1986, People Up Close, USC Atelier

Feb.21 1986 Anti-Apartheid Posters at Watts Towers Art Center

March 14-20, 1986 Modus Vivendi, Marina Abramovich/Ulay at Burnett Miller Gallery

May 9-15 1986 Steve Rogers at Rosamund Felsen Gallery.


Volume. 4, Feb. 1991, Erika Suderburg's “Displayed Termination: The Interval Between Deaths”

New Art Examiner

Dec. 1990  Holly Hughes performance at Highways.

March 1991 Con-text, Visual Poetry exhibits at Otis-Parsons & Richard/Bennett Gallery

June/Summer 1991 "Three exhibitions in Recognition of African-American Culture", Occidental College, Los Angeles

Afterimage May 1991. "Masculine Masquerade" Anthony Aziz's Public Image Private Sector: Rhetorical Strategies in a Time of Change. Los Angeles Center for  Photography.

Images & Issues Magazine

Sept–Oct. 1982/Jan–Feb'83 Vito Acconci; Artscans Columns;

Sept–Oct. 1983/Nov–Dec'83      George Rodart; Jim Lawrence/Cirrus;

Jan–Feb'84/Mar–April'84     Ceeje Revisited; John Paul Jones

July‑Aug'84 Retrospective at L.A. Municipal.

Arts & Architecture Magazine

Vol.2, No.4; Spring'84 Utopia Issue Frank Cole site‑sculpture

Sound Art Sculpture Show, New York & Connecticut

The Art of Spectacle series Sept‑Dec.1984)  etc.

Artscene: Monthly Guide to Art in Southern California

5/84, Vol.3, No.9 (Karen Carlson at Rosamund Felsen Gallery)

6/84 Vol.3, No.10 ("Fashion Interpretations")

July/Aug.'84 Vol.3, No.11 (Robert Wilson/Civil Wars)

1985  Jean Edelstein / Ruth Bachofner Gallery     

July/Aug'85 Rauschenberg/Performance, Cal State Univ. Long Beach

April 1986, Gallery 318 / Schissler & Gasiewicz

Ear--Magazine of New Music (New Wilderness Foundation, New York)

Contributing Editor 1979-81; 1984-88 July/August 1984, Vol.9, No.2; "Clay from the Riverbank: Notes on Curating Computer Art in the '80's" (with Rich Gold) Part I; Fall issue: Part II "Clay ..."; Reviews: Eliane Radique at LACE, L.A. Olympic Arts Festival events. Various reviews, 1985.

Los Angeles Reader

5/3/85 The Look of LA: "Semi-Art"

5/31/85 "Kollwitz"

OP-tion Magazine

(Contributing editor 1984–85)

Whole Earth Review, Sausalito, 1991

Movieline Magazine, L.A. 1988


(as critic or editor)

Editor New Music America, '81  San Francisco June 1981

Assisted Robert MacDonald (Chief Curator, La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art) editing Stanley Tigerman's essay for  "The California Condition—A Pregnant Architecture"  Nov. 1982

Editor & essay for Dropped Lines: 21 Women Artists, exhibit catalog, Center for Women's Studies, San Diego 1983

Catalog essay for Technics, The Alternative Museum, N.Y . 1984

 (as contributing artist)

Dropped Lines: 21 Women Artists, Spring 1983.

California Bookworks/OtisParsons Art Gallery, Los Angeles, 1984

"ConTEXT: Art by Los Angeles Critics" Robert Berman Gallery, Santa Monica, June 1987

"Feminine/Masculine" artist-poet collaborations, etchings & poems. Christopher John Gallery, Santa Monica, June 1990


Center for Experimental and Perceptual Arts, Buffalo, N.Y. April 1980.

Panelist, "Passages: Impact of Four Decades" Fresno Arts Ctr.Symposium, May 1987.

"The Critic and the Artist", Bernheimer Gallery, June 1987.

Panelist, "Art Criticism for Women in the '90s" Conference, UCLA, Jan. 1988.

Post-Modernism panel. Forum of Super-8 Film, New York, May 1988.

Foundation for Art Resources, Los Angeles, No. 1988 “Gendered Ethnic Stereotypes in the American Gangster Film"


Produced programs on poetry & arts for KPFA, Berkeley 1972–73

Produced regular program on KPFA/"Women in Music" 1977–79

Series of shows for WBFO (NPR) in Buffalo N.Y. Jan–June 1980

Regular show on KALX, U.C. Berkeley Fall 1980–Spring 1981

"Critic's Commentaries" (9 segments, "U.S. Ear") NPR stations 1986–7

KPFK guest programmer on "Imaginary Landscapes " 1982–85

WBAI, NY, taped arts commentaries. 1987–88


"Wings of Desire: Italo Svevo's Senilita" [pp. 156–159] Romance Languages Annual 1989. Vol. I.

"Musicality & Music in the Works of Marguerite Duras". [pp.68–71] ] Romance Languages Annual 1991. Vol. III.

"Meditations on Masculinity: Pasolini's Accattone and Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy." Italian Culture Journal. Vol. X, 1992. Univ. of Mass., Lowell.

"That Awful Mess, Life: The Language of Gadda's Quer Pasticciacio Brutto de Via Merulana" Carte Italiane: Journal of Italian Studies, U.C.L.A. Volume 12. 1991–92

"The Sublime as Masculine Discourse". [pp.265–276] The Arkansas Quarterly: A Journal of Criticism. Vol. 1 #4, Fall 1992, Fayetteville, ARK.

"Driving Dr. Ford: Mamet's House of Games". in Literature and Film Quarterly, Spring 1993.

"Critical Theory Radical Art", newsletter of Assoc des Critiques d'Art, April 1993.

"Writer Slash Book Slash Reader" in The Ampersand: Journal of the Pacific Center for the Book Arts (Vol. 12, #3–4)Spring 1993. in conjunction with an exhibition at the SF Public Library.

Papers presented at Conferences

Romance Languages & Literatures,/Linguistics & Cinema, Oct. 1989, Purdue Univ. Lafayette IN.

American Italian Historical Association Nov. 1989, San Francisco. Lit.& Film in the Historical Dimension. Feb. 1990 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.

American Association of Italian Studies, April 1990 Univ. of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA.

Interdisciplinary Student Conference on Italian Culture, April 1990, UCLA

Symposium on Psychoanalysis, Narrative & the Visual. SUNY Buffalo, May 1990.

Romance Languages,& Literatures, Linguistics & Cinema, Oct. 1991, Purdue Univ. Lafayette, IN

AIHA Conference, Nov. 1991, New Haven Connecticut.

AAIS Conference, April 1991, Ann Arbor Michigan.

Western Conference on Literature Film and the Humanities. Jan. 1992, Arizona State University.

AAIS April 1992, Chapel Hill NC

College Art Association , art critics panel, Feb. 1993, Seattle WA.

AAIS April 1993 Austin TX paper on Vigano's Agnese

International Assoc. Philosophy & Lit. Conference May 1993 Duquesne Univ. Pittsburgh PA.

AAIS April 1994 Madison Wisconson.

AAIS April 1995, Tempe AZ

AAIS April 1996, St. Louis MO "The Poet as Autobiographer"

Simone de Beauvoir, MLA, 1996

American Italian Historical Association Conference. New Haven, CT    Nov. 1991

International Association/Philosophy & Lit. Annual Conf. May 1993 Duquesne Univ. Pittsburgh PA. "Ceci n'est pas"


Neurosuite — Kelsey Street Press, Berkeley, 1975. (Bilingual edition; translations of poetry by  Margherita Guidacci.)

Casablanca Carousel — Invisible, Oakland, 1977.

Grammars for Jess — Kelsey St. Press, Berkeley , 1981.

Facial Index — State One Press, Oakland , 1983.

Able Was I — The Present Press, Los Angeles, 1986. Graphics by Rich Gold.

Murmurs — The Present Press, Los Angeles, 1988.

Half-Life — The Present Press, Los Angeles, 1990.

Persistence — Diderot, Mendocino, 1995.

Prose 1990s—Sage, San Francisco, 1997.