Avoid and Seek

Grief loves itself.

Tweaks the oblivious liver

with sympathy and a good deal of beer

and then laments in altered form

accumulated absences thievable as litter


Chipped-off phrases ramble in our heads

Pithily filling the silence with tremolos, trills

and splashy percussion,

every twenty-third thought hysterical.


Proactive mourning is less toxic than a truth

unentered, a life conducted by default


When repercussions arrive at our teacups,

price tag still attached

Body, brain and genome lock in

a pas de trois of mini-deaths sustaining life


Pinned to the cellophane the sovereign within

whose eloquence evades the data base


I sing of nimble synthesis, that ancient province

where choice and chance take turns at bat


The only two verbs relevant

to electrons are seek and avoid